You value qualitative research because you recognize that consumer needs are complex — and that they change. Likewise, Good Karma Consulting knows that your needs, too, have nuance and fluidity.

That’s why our full-service team partners with the best qualitative research facilities to offer you solutions custom-crafted for every project. With a dedicated field manager on call and a client services specialist in the field, Good Karma Consulting ensures that your recruit is seamless, your respondents are top-notch, and your questions are answered.

karmaCollage – a digital collage creation tool

By transforming this technique from traditional to digital, the innovative karmaCollage application streamlines collage-making — and offers benefits beyond those realized with the paper-and-scissors approach. From pre-work to fieldwork to analysis and reporting, karmaCollage saves you time and money while enriching your qualitative research results. Learn More

A Cornucopia of Options

Good Karma’s customizable menu of facility-based services includes:

  • Focus Groups
  • Extended Groups
  • Individual, In-depth Interviews
  • Children and Teen Groups

A Focus on Context

With Good Karma to Go, you can take your research out of the facility and into a setting suited to the subject matter:

  • Ethnographic/Observational Studies
  • In-store Interviews and Shopper Research
  • Ideation Sessions
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Teambuilding
  • Strategic Planning

A Summary with Substance

Your qualitative research directs your business decisions. That’s why Good Karma Consulting prepares qualitative research reports with brand-minded recommendations right up front, making prominent and clear the business implications of research findings. Illustrative graphics clarify observations, verbatim quotes enliven them, and a presentation-ready PowerPoint format ensures that you can easily and expertly share qualitative research findings throughout your organization.

A Hospitable Backroom Experience

Your comfort and engagement as a client in the back room is just as critical to a study’s success as the comfort and engagement of your respondents in the front room. That’s why the Good Karma approach to qualitative research calls for hospitality and engagement on both sides of the mirror:

  • Client packets facilitate meaningful individual and group note-taking, and keep you posted on the research schedule.
  • An inspired menu from breakfast to dinner — with appetizers in between — enhances client enjoyment of the qualitative research experience.
  • A Good Karma client services specialist manages interactions between you, the moderator, and the facility staff, making sure your needs are met and your questions answered.
  • Back room strategy sessions during down times allow effortless changes in stimulus materials, activity sequence, and moderator focus from group to group.
  • Roundtable debriefs immediately following completion of qualitative research ensure that moderator and client leave the facility on the same page and ready to report key discoveries.