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Carey and the Good Karma team enjoy presenting their techniques at various conferences and write for industry publications.

Quirks Publication

In 2001, Carey published her article “Qualitatively Speaking: Don’t Say the F Word.”
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Presentation at the 2009 QRCA Conference

For decades, collages have enhanced the insights and depth delivered by traditional, in-person focus groups. Yet collage homework poses some challenges by being costly and time-consuming for participants to create, and difficult for moderators to incorporate into reports.

Come explore how technology can enhance the value of collage and streamline the process allowing respondents to focus on their feelings and offer greater insights without expending all the energy in searching for suitable collage material and spending time cutting and pasting pictures. Creating collages digitally before in-person groups saves time, expense, and frustration throughout all phases of qualitative projects—from pre-work to fieldwork to analysis and reporting—while allowing researchers to capture the deep, emotionally rich insights from consumers in a simple, effective way. Clients will be impressed with your creativity, innovation, and technological savvy.

We will explore applications and approaches for digital collage-making and image-based metaphorical techniques. You will walk away with an understanding of how technology can be used in conjunction with projective techniques to enhance the research process for clients, respondents, and researchers. Case studies will be incorporated to bring these discoveries to life!

Article in Quirks

Quirks Digital Collage Article 2010