From unique ideation techniques to innovative digital products, Good Karma Consulting offers qualitative research that defines the future.


With both product and packaging development, marketing, and market research experience, Good Karma founder Carey Rellis looks beyond projects to focus on brands.

Results Orientation

Qualitative research with Good Karma Consulting promises both emotional-level insights and actionable, business-minded recommendations.


Building better brands and product innovation has been Good Karma founder Carey Rellis’s focus for more than a decade

Her stint on the client side as a market research analyst (Kimberly-Clark Corp.), her training at the Creative Problem Solving Institute and RIVA, and her work as a moderator-consultant and facilitator provided significant experience on which to base her founding of Good Karma Consulting in 2003.

As a consultant for over 15 years, Carey handles a variety of brands, tough topics, and international facilitation with a mind for strategy. With considerable experience and expertise in consumer packaged goods categories ranging from health and wellness to beauty, feminine hygiene, household paper products and cleaning supplies, infant and child care, pet care, writing instruments, appliances, electronics, and food in both North America and Europe, she explores packaging, concepts, product experiences, Omni channel, and shopping insights with depth and delicacy.



Digital metaphor elicitation application

By combining tradition and technology, karmaCollage maximizes your resources while offering benefits unique to its digital format.

Here's what Clients have to Say

This is one of the best moderator reports I’ve ever seen! We had a lot packed into this study, but you did a fabulous job laying out the content and hitting the key learning.


Consumer Packaged Goods Client

Loved the videos. One is already on its way to a CEO forum.


Consumer Packaged Goods Client

I was VERY HAPPY with the end product – it is a very meaty, actionable set of insights…the way this report is structured is an excellent resource for the future.


Consumer Packaged Goods Client

This is great. Thanks for turning this around so quickly. This is way better than anything I was expecting. Work like this definitely proves why you are considered a best in class qualitative partner for [client company].


Consumer Packaged Goods Client

I’m not done reading the entire report yet, but you’ve really upped your game. This is probably the best qualitative report I’ve ever seen. I love how you laid it out and how you incorporated mini constructs in various places.


Consumer Packaged Goods Client


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